Tuesday, 26 October 2010


Well my pitch had been delivered and i feel i done fairly well. I was really nervous but feel i got my message across to people. I was a little annoyed when none of my teachers gave me any feed back, they just said 'Thank you Karen' and that was it. That made me worry, everyone else before me had some sort of feedback weather positive or negative, we weren't in a rush or anything so i was really confused. Worrying myself silly, when there was a break i had to up to the teachers and asked why they hasn't said anything. I was reassured by Dan when he said that i had ticked all the boxes i needed to and how he thought he idea was really good because i was bringing a panda to life. Mike apologized for not giving me feedback, he just said that he wanted to get the process moving and that i would get a feedback form. I still was not quite happy about what Mike had told me but Dan made me feel a lot better about the animation.

As for other groups, there was some really interesting ideas which i could see myself working on. There was Matt's presentation for this animation called 'Smitten', which is a 2D musical. Now i don't really do musicals but with the way he expressed himself about his idea, i could really set the scene, he also had an animatic which was done to a high standard. I think he will be one of the ideas to get the green light.
I also liked Michelle Vinnals 2D animation as well as Tom Richie's 2D. I seem to be picking all 2D ideas, which is a little unusual for me as my strongest skills are within 3D, but it can't say that i cant have a change of pace for a change.
My last idea i really enjoyed was Andrew Kinnear with his 3D animation called 'The Deep'. His idea is quite original to other pitches that were presented. He had a good story line as well as strong concept art which gave me a good understanding of the style and visualization for his idea. With all that i have mentioned, i think they all stand a good chance of being chosen. I just hope i will be amongst the gang.

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