Monday, 1 November 2010

Summers Treehouse

Well my day did not start well, i was an hour late for class due to crazy road works which in the end i had to walk for half hour to get into class. I had missed the most important part of the lesson. I found out that my idea was not green lit with many others, and because i was late i was too late to find a group to work with. I had no idea what i was going to do, i was all alone and felt lost. I then found out that Ryan , Kyle, David, Hayley, Sam, Dean and a few others were in the same position as me, but most of them had already formed a group. With only Karl and Ryan left, we decided to form a group which i was happy about but i still had no idea where to go from there. As my idea was not chosen i thought i was not going to be able to do the whole idea all together. Karl and Ryan did not want to work on there ideas. So i thought do we need to start all over again? I had so many different questions in my head i did not know weather i was coming or going.

As lunch had pasted i had calmed down and we had a little meeting to try and see what we could do. The others told me that they had liked my idea and that they still wanted to work on it, but there would have to be changes. I was not really sure on how we could but we finally figured it out. Instead of having the little girl camping out in her garden and having to try and find her pet after he does missing. We decided to cut all that down and just have one location, which was the treehouse. The others thought it would be nice to have a short based around that. What to have as our storyline was a bit up in the air.
We set a task up for us to make a brain storm of as many different story's you could think of which could happen in the tree house, then when we need meet up we need to share our ideas, narrow it down and possibly combine two different ideas into one. The only thing about this now though is that we have to make a number of 30 second clips, which to me sounds really hard and rubbish.
Instead of the short being called Summers Playground, it has now changed to Summers Tree house.

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