Friday, 22 October 2010


Now that i have researched into colours, i can start thinking about the types of props i would need for my animation.

Here i was just drawing the types of toys a young girl would have, i want her to have some learning toys as well as playful ones to show intelligence.
Now with the animation, i needed to think of the things that the girl could look around in the garden to try and find her pet, i haven't figured out if she comes from a rich or poor family. I don't want the family to be wealthy rich where they throw there money onto anything but i do want the audience to know that her parents love her and try to make her as happy as she can without being spoiled. I am imaging the garden to be fairly big, or as what across as big to the audience through the camera angles from the little girl. I want to try and her it from her perspective, so everything would seem fairly big. In the image above, they are the most common types of things you would see in a garden.

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