Saturday, 23 October 2010

Concept art

Here i have done some concept art in which i can show when doing the presentation. The first image is off the tree house. The tree house wouldn't be in place for all that long, but i thought it could be a place where you can see a little of herself and the types of things she likes, almost as if it is her second home in a way. The main point to the tree house is for near the ending, the last place she thinks to look for her pet.

Here is the little girls tree house, the main thing she likes to do here is to draw and stick them up on the wall. She has some draws which are filled with toys and she uses them to reach the wall so that she stick her drawings up. She also mainly plays with her pet or hides in when she gets in trouble. The tree house was made by her dad so pieces of wood are placed everywhere as he isn't really one for building.

With the colours, i wanted them to be really warm as the animation is on a nice sunny day. You should be able to see a light beam which is the only sauce of light she has as she is not allowed to go up there at night.

The tent is where the animation will begin, as the little girl and her pet are camping out for the night. The little girl likes to think she is a grown up by being alone in the dark. She has a little lantern which she reads with and has her pet to play with.

I was a little unsure of the colours for this, so this is not a final but you can see the message i am trying to send.

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