Wednesday, 20 October 2010


Even though i haven't started any environment sketches just yet, i already know the type of colours i want to use for my animation. For the environments, i was thinking of using, greens, blues, browns and yellows. This is mainly because they are outdoor colours, they relate to nature, the shy, and different types of wood work, like a shed or tree house. They are also bright and colourful which will catch the audiences attention.

Why main reason for picking yellow was so that i could use it for a sandpit, possibly the sun, or the light from the sun. I can also use elements of yellow on the girl as i was thinking that she could be wearing a fushia dress and yellow would be the complementary colour for that.

As you can all guess green will be used for the green, trees and pretty much everything else to do with nature.
Brown is mainly to be used for any type of wood work within the garden, so there should hopefully not be to much of it to darken the animation. This will give the animation more of a balance.
Blue is going to be for the sky, and i intend to have the sky in the background quite a lot as from looking from a child's perspective, they are short, so they would see a lot of the sky.

As for the little girl, at first i was thinking that she could have blonde (yellow) hair, but as i am using this as one of my background colours, i don't want her to clash within the background. So i am thinking that black hair would be best as she would then stand out from the background which will make her more noticed. As i said eariler, i was thinking that her dress could be between pink and purple, with elements of yellow.

Also, if the girl is going to wear a dress, i thought that long socks would go well. So with that in mind, having stripey socks would look cuter as they are more childish. So i thought a few brights colours for them will give her something else to make her stand out.

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