Sunday, 24 October 2010

Character designs


Here are the designs of my characters. Pandy is a very small creature, who is very mischievous but ever so cute looking, so whenever you Summer (the little girl) looks at him, she can't help but forgive him straight away. He has references to a panda through his colour design and round patches around his eyes. On top of his head you can see a flower, now, depending on his mood, the flower can grow. So when he is excited and happy the flower blossoms, but when he feels sad and lonely the flower closes up.


Summer is between 3/4 years old. She is a loving girl who likes to do things on her own as if she is all grown up. Playing with Pandy is what makes her most happy, he is important to her, they do everything together and have a very close friendship. Summer loves to draw and be in the garden as she likes to day dream up at the sunny sky.

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