Wednesday, 20 October 2010


Well since i was last on here, i have decided to change some things due to little experiments. Below are some rough sketchs i have started on. As i had spoken about eariler, i was going to have a little boy as my main character but when actually drawing him i did not how he was coming out. The main problem i was having was on the hair, how do most young boys have there hair and if it was to be short, how would i be able to model this successfully. I all of a sudden thought, why couldn't the character be a girl? There's no problem in that, and i could portray her as a really cute little girl. Where as with a boy, you normally tend to think of them as little brats. Plus designing her hair would be easier as you have more choice.
Here i was mainly trying to figure out the weight and height of the boy. I was finding it a little hard to get the boy to look young, i always thought he came across around 6/7. The main thing which was giving it away was his clothes.
When starting to draw a girl, it looked very similar to Boo from Monsters Inc, mainly because of her hair style.

Here i carried drawing a girl, but again she looked like Boo, i couldn't seem to get her out of my mind. So i thought i would stop and try to draw her pet. Here i was experimenting with a few things, I was mixing different animals together to see the type of thing i would get. With the bobble on the top of its head, that is from a creature of a video game called Final Fantasy.
The main reason why i picked Boo as my main inspiration is through her big eyes and how she never really talks, but she always gets her message across through her reactions, which is just what i am looking to try and do. Her clothing is not very girly but through her hair style and eyes you would never know because you mainly focus on her face.

I also looked into other children such as:

I've had to start thinking about girls names and the kind of clothing that she could wear. Before i was thinking that i could have the boy wearing dungarees, so i thought, why not have a similar thing with the girl? But maybe she could be wearing a dress version of dungarees.
Girls names that i have had in mind are: Ava, Lucy, Ella and Summer.

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