Wednesday, 13 October 2010

The beginning!

Hello everyone, and welcome to my BA Animation page. Here you will be able to see my starting point of creation for the animation short, that i am thinking of designing for final year of Ravensbourne university, all the way until the final piece. This will be running through out the university year, which is about nine months, so make sure you keep up to date to see the development.

So, at the moment everyone in my class needs to make a presentation pitch in front of the class with our ideas for what we want to create. But, Only so many ideas will actually get chosen, so i need to do the best i can to see if i can be the project leader for my short.

My initial story plan is about a boy and his pet who are camping out in there back garden for the night. Everything is fine until the early morning where a butterfly comes into the tent and lands the pets nose waking him up, once he does hes amazed by the colours of the butterfly. The butterfly flies off and the pet follows into the large garden, which has a section which is like a forest which the pets runs into. The young boy wakes up to find his pet gone and starts a hunt to try and find him, but where has he gone? Is he in trouble?

This is the rough idea so far, there is still a lot i need to figure out during the next week but i can confident that i will figure this out in time.

I was thinking that the boy could be aged around four years old and his actions could speak louder than words as he would not have fluent speech. The sorts of names i had in mind are: Joseph, Benjamin, Joshua or Samuel.

I thought that the pet could be fairly small and round, to make him look a little cuter, but i do need to bare in mind that this could make him harder to animate as i have experienced this in the past with my last project, so maybe the pets main way of movement could be by rolling?
Names i had in mind for the pet are: Kite, Vivi, Sora, Aqua and Rin.

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