Sunday, 10 April 2011

Rocking Horse

When modelling the rocking horse i thought it would be best to start off with the base, starting off nice and easy. To the left hand side you can see an image of a rocking horse which i thought was the perfect shape to class off as Summers dad making the horse for her.
With other models i have created i started off with a plane, but i was having a few problems as i had put in way to many edge loops and when trying move the vertexes to make the shape, they were starting to fall onto of one another and it started to become very messy.
Here is how this was working out, as you can see everything is starting to become messy around the horses mouth.
So with that i started over and made one with less edge loops, even though i had less i was still having difficulty. So i then had to start moving every single vertex which was taking quite some time to do but never the less the form was taking to shape.
You can now see that i did manage to create the horse, but there was so many lines that i thought it would be best to delete them so that the horse only have a few faces to him.
Here is now the horse came out. I was rather pleased that i managed to get the shape considering the problems i was having. The only thing about the horse now is that it is not very smooth, and looks slightly dangerous. At first i thought this might be a good idea as it looks rough like it has been hand made, but i also thought that is was a little messy. So i now intend on going round the shape and smooth it off, which can also seem like the father would have used sandpaper to give it that effect.

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