Monday, 4 April 2011

Gardening Tools

Creating the gardening tools was slightly harder than what i thought. When modelling the spade i had the same type of problem i had when making the slide, i could not seem to get the curve of the spade quite right. I was also a little unsure on on the shape of the spade.
I had to think about the thickness for the spade as the gardening tools are plastic, so they would be thicker than what a metal spade would be.

Here i played with the edge of the handle as i thought it would be nice to have them colour coded, so i just extruded the handle just a little to also make the edge seem smoother.

To create the fork i used a cube and turned that into a rectangle, i then created five edge loops so that i could then select three faces and extrude them down to make the points of the fork.
As the fork looked a little boring i thought it would be interesting to extrude part of the fork inwards which would make the fork tool more useful if when in use. So i created edge loops to do this. I also curved off the points of the folk so that they would be safer.

Here are all the faces selected so that i can just extrude them inwards.

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