Friday, 22 April 2011

House Modelling

As Mike said about a month or so ago about modeling a house i thought it was now time that i did that. We only need the back of the house as that is the only part that you would be seeing so there is no need to make the house higher poly or even waste time in modeling the other sides as it will not be seen. So i have taken a look into west end American homes because they visually look more interesting to what we have here in England and they normally have a big garden which can have a tree house as that is something which is not popular here in the U.K.

So to the left are some images from the net to help me model the house. I started with a cube and started to add edge loops where i wanted to place the windows. I also deleted a couple of faces so that there could be a small porch which will be supported by stone poll.
Here i started to model the door and then i need to make another window next to the door which will be the kitchen window. The roof was easily done by using the extrude tool, and making more edge loops to make the windows. From here i need to make the roof tiles as i think they will look nice if they are modeled separately and lined up across the roof.

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