Monday, 18 April 2011

Heart Cushions

Modelling the heart cushions went a lot smoother as to what i thought it might. I was a little unsure on how to start modelling. So i started in my usual way which never seems to fail. With a plane and then work my way from there. I made the rough shape and then extruded it so that the heart was thicker, from there i added 4 edge loops so that i could then begin to make the flat shape into a curves.
Here you can see where i am moving the vertexes to start creating the curve shape to which a cushion should have.
With the top and bottom of the heart curved, i then needed to curve around the edge of the cushion to softer everything. I mainly just needed to move to middle vertexes outwards.
Here you can now see that the flat shape it once was has now changed into a soft cushion. The only thing wrong now is that i thought it never really looked like Summer has sit on it before, as there would be an indent to show weight from her body.
I have been experimenting with the vertexes to try and suggest that summer does sit on the heart cushion, so now you can see a slight indent to where she would have been placed. This may not really be seen in the animation very well but it is something that i know has been done. It is sometimes little things like this that can make an animation that extra bit special.

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