Thursday, 14 April 2011

Finished Rocking Horse

As i had previously removed all the lines from the rocking horse i now had nothing to go to make it smooth round the edge. I was trying to figure this out for a while but was just clueless so i asked Karl if he may know of any way to try and fix the problem as i know he is fairly good at using the smooth tool. Karl added edges to the shape again as there were no lines for the smooth tool to work. The edges had to be created from the previous existing vertexes which from there could then be smoothed.

Here is the finished rocking horse. I am really glad that Karl was able to help me fix the problem i was having and i now know not to delete any lines until the model is complete and then i can go ahead and do that. Now the rocking horse looks to a much higher standard and still looks as though it would have been made by her dad which i think could be really nice once Ryan gets to texture it.

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