Wednesday, 4 May 2011


As most of my modelling has now been completed and there is no animation that i can do as of yet, i thought i should try and learn some new skills so that i can help Ryan out. Although i will not be able to do texturing to a high standard i thought i could do some props which are not to important to the animation. This will help Ryan so that he can focus more on the important objects and take more time over them whilst i can learn the basics of how to texture.

So i have been given a few books to texture to see how i get on and i must say that it is not as hard as what i thought it would be although the texturing is only simple.

I placed the UV map into photoshop, i had to make sure that i would be colouring on a separate layer as to the UV map.
As these are childrens book, i used flat bold bright colours to make the books stand out more. Using tonal colours would have been a waste of time as they are not really going to be seen. I had to make a new layer so that i could place the writing on, i had to try and come with book titles that had not been used before as that may have been seen as copyright.

With my UV map coloured, I had to export the colour layer as a Targa file into Maya and then i just needed to apply it to the object. I had to make sure that i had turned off the UV map layer or that would have shown when applying the texture.

This was fairly simple to do although colouring the white for the pages was fairly difficult as i had to make sure that the white would not go onto the hardback of the book.

Here is what i have managed to do. I think they have turned out pretty well. I know this is only very simple texturing but this is still something i had no idea on how to do. I already feel more confident about being able to texture. If Ryan asks me to try and texture anything else then i shall happily help him.

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