Sunday, 8 May 2011


James has been doing a great job on sorting out the lighting for our exterior shot but he is finding it rather hard as nothing has been textured as of yet. So i thought it was time for me to step in and try some colour shaders. At first i thought it would be a good idea for Ryan to texture the house, but after a while i thought to myself, there is not need. Ryan needs to focus on the objects that you will be seeing close up, not ones from far away. So i have now started to texture props. I thought i should start off with the house first so that it would help James to get the lighting right for the scene.

As you can see i have started texturing a few of the other props as well as the house as it is easier to just hand over the file to James once, instead of keep going back and forth. I was a little unsure on what the colour scheme should be for the house, but i thought as i have modeled a western house, i would be hot weather so i thought using a cream would be ideal. I tried having the tiles brown but they looked a little old so i used a brown/red which shows that the house is fairly new.

I selected the face of the window, attached a new material and went in the material attributes, then found the special effects window, and i adjusted the glow intensity. This was so that the window look as though there is a light on, without actually having to place in a light.

Here i have now coloured in some of the windows to show that the curtains have been pulled to. I have also played around with the glow intensity on different windows as different curtains and blinds would show different light coming out.

Here is the result of what i done with James lighting. He has also included a occlusion layer which really helps to see depth of the house. From how it looked with no lighting to now is a massive diffence, James has put in some really nice shadows from the slide which helps to give the impression that there is light from the house. I think the glow intensity needs to be raised up a little and once Ryan has textured the treehouse then this shot should be ready to go.

Please note that for this i have only placed in the old version of the slide and sandpit as this was a test to see how the layout and lighting looked, this is not how the final will be presented.

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