Friday, 6 May 2011


I was asked by James if i could place everything into the exterior scene so that he could start working on the lighting for us.
When i first tried to import the house, i was having many problems. If you look at the image you can see that many of the faces are missing. I tried importing the house a few times but the same thing was happening each time. I thought it might have been Maya playing about as i have known for that to happen before so i quit everything, reloaded and still no improvements. So the only thing i thought i could do was look at the house file scene and see if there was any problems there which i could figure out. Everything seemed fine, so i was starting to get a little confused, but i suddenly thought to myself, i haven't deleted any of the history since modelling. So i deleted the history and re-imported the house and everything was fine. What a relief, although i have not had to do this with any of prop i have modelled i think this is something i shall have to keep in mind from now on.
Here i have started to lay out the props for the scene. i duplicated Ryan's fence to create a square so that it would look more like a garden which was inclosed to the house. There was no other place i could really have the house as we wanted to make sure the light from the house would be looking onto the treehouse so that the audience would know that her parents are keeping an eye on Summer through the window.
I was unsure on where to place the slide and swing as i thought about what the audience would see. So at first i had the props facing me (or the audience) but after a while i knew that would not seem realistic, so i thought it was best if i rotated the props so that they were facing the house, which again would be easier for the parents to see. I do not think anyone would have the slide and swing facing a fence.

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