Thursday, 12 May 2011

Prop shaders

To help save Ryan time with texturing i thought it would be worth while for me do texturing using shaders as a lot of the toys should look as though they have been made from plastic.
For the Xylophone i wanted them to look as bright and eye catching as possible, as they always attract children. The bars have been textured to look as though they are not really made of plastic but of a metal as they are used more to create music. There is a slight reflection as i know that the metal with a paint coating would not really give off much reflection.
Here looks like a young child's plastic table. Childrens furniture can be made of many different types of plastic, was it was hard to know how to create the right look. A lot of it comes down to the reflection of the object, and you would not be able to get much from a table, so i made sure to keep that low.
I made the bowling pins have a higher reflection then the previous objects as i thought they would be made from a heavier plastic. Bowling pins are usually very shiny but i know that a child's toy version would be seen differently.
The tower of Hanoi has been made to look like it has been made of a very shiny plastic. On the base i have made the refection quite high so that you could see the rings.

Most toys are made from a PVC plastic but can be used in different ways, toys can be made using a soft PVC to a hard PVC. So i have tried to show this through my shaders. I do not know a lot about plastic so it is hard to get each toy spot on.

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