Friday, 27 May 2011

The stress

Okay, so this week has been the most stressful so far, without having my laptop i have felt quite lost about trying to get some work done. I borrowed a mac from Ravensbourne for the weekend but found out that Maya had a network license so i could only use Maya if i was in the building which is not what i needed. I had no idea how i was going to do any work whilst my laptop was in for repairs. Our group does not have the time for any time to be wasted let alone a whole week. Ryan said that he has a desk top which i can use if i wanted to. At first i was a little unsure as he lives 1 hour and 45 minutes away from me on trains, but i came to realise that i can not afford to waste anymore time. I started traveling to Ryan's everyday just so that i could get some work done, this was really draining as i had to do so much traveling back and forth. But i was able to get work done, so i guess that is all that matters at the end of it.

I got my laptop back one week later like they had said and i was so happy to get it back, i had never been so happy to see my laptop just so that i could get on with some work. From the Apple store i went straight to uni to see everyone so see how they were getting on. As i went to try and load up my work, my Maya was not opening, it said that the license has run out, and all i could think to myself was great, now what?? I started to ask everyone in our class to see if they had Maya 8.5 which no one did, i guess i can't blame them, it is an old programme, but i can not upgrade to a later version as my mac is to old. A guy at the I.T desk said that i can upgrade my mac if i know anyone who has the original desks from there Macs. So i tried doing that but that was no good, it did not work. I tried downloading it, but there was none, even through torrents. My last hope was through Dan Dali. He said that he may have it, but found out two days later that it was on for the PC. All my hopes were gone, out of all the programmes i needed to work, Maya was the only one which was affected. I have really started to lose hope, i really feel like everything is against me not to do any work. I don't see how all this could happen over such a short period of time and near the dead line. I am frustrated and feel like giving up. The only choice i have now is to go round Ryan's to try and do all that i can before deadline. I know we are not going to complete our film, which really upsets me, but i guess it is now time to focus on our folders.

Dan told me that i can be given a short extension from all the problems i have been having of an extra 4 days. But my aim is not to use it, although i have had so many problems this would not matter if i was in the industry and i want to push myself to get all that i can done. Although all hopes are low at the moment if i can push myself as hard as i can then i hope to get most of the work i was planning to get completed. I know i shall be unsuccessful in some of aims, but hopefully my teachers will understand and realise that i have still pushed myself to get all that i can done.

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