Friday, 20 May 2011

Laptop broken?

Okay so one of the worst things that could possibly happen to a animation group has happened to us. My laptop has broke, i have no idea why, what it is, or how it could have happened. I was doing work fine earlier and when i took a break for a while and returned the screen was not working. I could still hear my laptop running but i had no idea what had happened to the screen. I turned my laptop off and rebooted it but nothing. So i thought maybe my laptop has just over heated and that i need to leave it alone for a while. I returned a few hours later and there was still no response. I started to freak. Has all my work gone?? If it has then our group is really going to struggle, as if our group has not found it hard enough with only three people but for this now to happen, we just do not have any time to waste!! I have most of my work backed up, but the last week or so is not. What am i going to do?

I took my laptop to university the next day and i spoke to Dan Dali regarding the issue, he told me that it just sounds like the screen has gone and that i should be able to hook my laptop to a PC screen. Of course, i started to think of why i hadn't thought about that myself. With Dan calming me down a little i thought, well i still need to go to the Apple store and take it in for repairs. Repairs? Oh wait what about me having a laptop, i wont have one and what about the cost? I soon started to get worried again and felt like i was having the worst day. I booked an appointment with Apple to see them for 4pm today, just have to hope for the best with this. After a while i spoke to Dan and he was helping me the best he could. We were running around the university trying to find a cable to connect to my Mac as my Mac is now rather old and finding the cable started to be a bit of a mission. In the end we finally found one but there was nothing coming up on my screen. Dan then said that it might be the graphics card which has gone, and my jaw wanted to hit the floor, the day was just getting worse and i felt like i had no time to worry because i have to help Ryan, Karl and James with there work making sure everything is going on track. I felt like my head was going to fall off.

Well i guess i just need to wait and see what happens when i go down to the Apple store, wish me luck because i think i am going to need it.

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