Wednesday, 1 December 2010


Our project is slowly coming together. Ryan is making good progress with the storyboard and shall have it finished any day. Karl is already starting to work on Maya with some experimental tests of modeling. I have been making some large changes to Pandy as i was not happy on how he looked. With many drawings, i have come up with a design that the other team others are happy with.

Here is a mood board which shows my inspirations for Pandy. The bottom right image has been a great help as he looks very friendly from the circular shapes used. The bon bon on top of his head helped me with the first designs but have now moved forward since then.

Above are some rough images of how i am thinking of having Pandy. As you can see he has changed drastically to portray him looking more like an actual teddy bear instead of a panda, even though his name is going to remain the same. I am still going to have the circles around his eyes to show that there are still elements of him looking like a panda. I know need to try and make any finishing touches to him and create a new model sheet.

I am unsure if Summer needs any further changes at the moment as i feel she looks complete and can see her working with the animation. I think i may still need to do some more colour studies and see how things go from there.

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