Thursday, 23 December 2010

Story Change

After some deep thinking and reconsideration, we now have a new ending for the animation which shall hopefully work. Pandy is now going to be a real life bear, i feel this is a little too much like Toy Story but we feel the animation may not work as well if he is not a real life character. The difference between the two though is that Pandy shall stay real life so Summer and Pandy have a real relationship instead of Summer just having him as a cuddly toy.
The new animatic is currently in working progress and i shall try and post them both up so that you can see the difference between the two. As that is being done i am now modeling the characters. I had started this process for my other unit for Dan Dali, but now it is time to make them properly. Posts shall be put up to see how things are going. Karl is carrying on with prop modeling as it seems we need more props than what we thought.

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