Thursday, 25 November 2010

Story Decided

Since my last post, we all had to make little bullet points for different stories. My other members Karl and Ryan had come up with come really interesting stories. I was finding it hard to narrow down what story would be most interesting and appealing to the audience. I decided that we would swap sheets and put little initials of your name next to the story you like and see which were the most popular. We got it down to 5 different stories and had to work as a team to pick only one. Within a good hour or so, our story had finally been decided. One of Ryan's stories was chosen.

The story out line is:
Summer is sleeping in her tree house when a thunder storm strikes. Summer wakes up and starts to get frightened when she sees a big scary shadow slowly coming towards her. She moves to the corner of the tree house, trapped and alone. As the shadow gets closer to her, she hides her face and when she looks back up, the scary figure is right up to her. A sudden light appears and it is her pet Pandy playing a trick on her.

This story is really interesting as it has a different mood set compared to other animations and has a lot of different emotions to show within a short period of time. The lighting for this could be really interesting and would definitely set the mood.
The next step to do now, is for Ryan to start coming up with a story board whilst i start doing some more experiments onto the characters. Karl will need to look into the types of props we will need for a tree house.

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