Tuesday, 7 December 2010


Whilst playing around with Summers colour scheme a little more i now have a new final design. Most of the colours before have still been used but they are just in a pastel form. The main elements i have changed are her hair and t-shirt. I have included yellow mainly to represent her name Summer. Yellow is very popular and bright when it is summer time, it makes people think of happiness and joy. I think this suits Summer a lot more than how she looked before and she will stand out greatly when it comes to the dark environment. Her eyes are now blue as they are near oppersite to the colour wheel of yellow (blonde) hair which makes her eyes stand out. Her facial animation is going to be very important to the animation and will want to show messages even through her eye colour.

Here i have the original colour scheme and have played around with the type of baby colours i think would work. I now see that using pastel colours helps to make summer look young where as the stronger bold colours make her look a little more grown-up. Her eye colour has changed although you may not be able to see this all that well.

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