Sunday, 19 December 2010


Well the Christmas holidays are here which is great but i have lots of work to get on with. The formative was a disaster. Our teacher Mike did not seem to like many things about our project. Here is a list of the things he said.
He thought our animation was very confusing, it had no clear message and that it would only confuse the audience, so we need to come up with a new ending. He also thought that the character bios were far to brief, they didn't really explain who they are as a person and what they mean to one another. Mike kept getting confused about weather Pandy was a real life person or just a teddy bear. He did not really like the style of Summer and said that i need to do some new designs to her. The one thing he did like was the concept art that me and Ryan had created, but said it was not developed enough.

So just from them things alone, it felt like the whole project had to be done all over again. Which was something we just do not have the time to do. I understand his concern about Pandy as even we were pondering if he should be alive or not. Going backwards is not something we can afford to do as we need to start modeling during the Christmas holidays but it seems that is going to be held off at this moment in time. So the next stage now is to go back and see how we can change the ending of the story as it seems that part is a little confusing, this needs to be changed as soon as possible so that everyone knows what is going on, and then from there we can do our individual things.

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