Sunday, 5 December 2010


Here is the new and improved Pandy. He now looks a lot more like an actual teddy bear but i still tried to keep a little attraction of a panda. Compared to how he was before he has changed in pretty much every way possible. He is now taller and thinner, and i got rid of the flower on top of his head as i felt it had no real purpose to the storyline.

I done a colour study test to see how he changed through colour. I also wanted to do this as a test for the colour scheme of the animation. As the animation is now of a dark colour scheme i did not want him to blend to much with the background, although he is going to be a dark silhouette, but this will be shown through the lighting of the weather. Cream and browns worked best on Pandy as he reflects with the colour scheme of Summer, bright, bold and realistic.
Brown is also a common for a teddy bear which is another thing which makes him a little more realistic but in a stylized way.

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