Tuesday, 1 March 2011

Prop Concept

Here are a few drawings i have started to gather up so that i can can get into the mind of a young child. There is rather a range of different designs but are all equally creative. The slides are a little limited as i do not really know how to make them different from one another. The main things i have changed about them is the boldness of the slide and the steps. I rather like the one which has the heart on the slide as this aims it to a girl which i think is always helpful in an animation.

Need to keep in mind about the price range for each prop, making sure that the audience do not get confused by some items looking expensive to others looking rather cheap.

I first started off my sandpit designs by starting off with a tyre meaning that the family are creative with the resources they have, i also thought this was a nice idea as the tree house was hand made so why couldn't other items be related in the same way. But this also sends out the message that the family may not have much money and with other props this may seem slightly comfusing to the audience. I think all the props need to be consistent by price range. The family have some money behind them so i want the audience to know that. So this is where my other designs come in, they slowly look a little more fancy.

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