Monday, 28 February 2011

Prop modelling

Well the characters have now been completed which i am so relieved about, that was a very hard challenge for me, i have learned a whole new way to modelling and i must say that i am really pleased with the results, i can not wait to get them rigged and to start bringing them to life. I think being able to model the characters and animate them is really something amazing. I never thought i would be able to do this and is so excited to bring the animation together.

But in the mean time, i now need to fill my time and help my other team members. My main roll was to model the characters and animate, but there is a rather big gap in between them, so i have asked karl if he needs any help with his prop modelling as he has not really been able to model any toys yet as he has been modeling items like toy boxes, shelf, chest of draws, so i think this will be a good opportunity to help Karl. I have already thought about some things to model. I am going to start on the exterior scene first as there is nothing in the garden to suggest that this tree house is actually in a garden. I am thinking of modeling a slide, swing, a sandpit and a toy house which summer could go in to play. I first need to get some drawings down onto paper and look at images online to see how these things look as they will need to be safer as it is for a young child, so i need to think about soft edges and the design which would attract children to them.

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