Sunday, 20 March 2011

Next steps to modelling

James has recently asked if there is anything that he can model as he does not have much in his modelling folder, so i have given him the slide to model and he can also animate that to put towards his animation folder, as i know he does not have any animation at this time. With that given to James i think i can now move onto the interior shot and start thinking about the kinds of toys that Summer would have. Given her age, i think she would have some learning toys, so maybe something musical, something fun, maybe something a little old fashioned like a rocking horse. There is all sorts of different toys that can be made, but i do not want to turn the tree house into her bedroom, so i shall have to make sure that there are not to many toys but enough for Summer to be entertained when she is up there. Once again it is time to draw some props and then get back to modelling.

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