Thursday, 24 March 2011

Toy Concept

I tried creating a mixture of shapes when drawing xylophones. I also used animals as a theme as well as having plain ones. I really like the design of the fish because it is original, more creative and exciting compared to the others. Modelling this will also be slightly more challenging for me.
When designing The Tower of Hanoi i was a little limited in what i could do, the only thing i could really develop was the base. I really like the star design but i have to consider the edges which may seem unsafe. I feel that sticking to a circle or square base would be safer.
Thinking about rocking horses was really interesting as there were so many things that i could change and adjust. At first i was thinking about how Summers parents could have brought her one, but then i thought it would be nicer if the rocking horse was simpler as it could represent that her dad hand made it for her just like the tree house.
Having Summer on the floor would have seemed a little to uncomfortable. I was thinking of having a rug on the floor but i thought it would seem slightly more homey if there were some cushions which she could sit on. I really like the design of an animal but feel this may be rather hard to model as a cushion so i think the next one would be the heart design. Nice, girly and oval, sending out a friendlier message.
Mike said to our group that we should have a lantern at the tree house as it would be very unlikely that her parents would let her be in her treehouse at night, so having a lantern would send a message out to her parents and the audience that she is safe with light around her. I was thinking that a young child lantern would be nice, but realistically it would be unlikely that she would have one so if i model a slightly old fashioned lantern than it would seem like it is her parents, as everything does not have to belong to Summer.
When creating garden tools i found it a little hard to create different designs for a child. The only thing i could really think of was that they would be rounded off so that they would be safer.
Bowling pins were quite difficult, i wanted to create different shapes but i was unsure on how i could make them look or if they would fall over being a different shape. So i thought it was best to keep to the same realistic shape but have different designs. I quite like having numbers on the pins as it would be a learning toy for Summer as well as fun.

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