Saturday, 5 March 2011


I was meant to write on here a couple of weeks ago about a meeting that myself, my team and Kieron went on to discuss about the sound for our animation. We spoke really well about the sound effects we need and Kieron was confident that he would be able to make them for us. The only thing we had a little trouble with was the sort of music we should. We found this rather difficult as we do not want the music to come across to scary if a young audience watches this, and we do not want the music to be to loud as that would drown out the sound effects. Kieron asked us what our favourite instruments were but we came out with guitar and drums, which would not be helpful. Karl then came out and said that a violin could sound really dramatic for our animation which we all quite liked the sound of. Kieron then told us all to go and find a song from a movie, game or programme which we think is a little scary and send that to him to see what he thinks and then re create something with them all. Sounds like quite a challenge for him but he mainly wants that so that he can get a better knowledge of the type of music that drives us. Kieron has told me to sign up to something called dropbox where we can place in files and they go to our computers straight away in a section folder, which i think is a great idea. We can easily send files to one another without all the hassle.

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