Wednesday, 2 March 2011


For the sandpit i started off with a simple cube, flattened it and made it wider to get the very rough shape, i had to make sure that the cube was not to high or it would not look as though Summer could get inside. From here i made four edges to create the border of the sandpit. Then i selected the middle face and extruded it down to create the space for the sand. I then selected four face round the edge and extruded them up to get the impression of a castle.

I got a plane so that i could use that to make the shape of sand. This did not take to long as all i done was selected a bundle of vertexes at one time and either lift them up or down to start creating a wave effect.

I thought it would look quite nice if i made a bucket which could go inside the sand pit to give the impression that the sandpit has been used instead of the sandpit being static.

This is only the rough shape to the sandpit right now, i need to soften edges and make the sandpit a little more interesting without trying to make this prop be high poly as this will not really be seen from a distance.

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