Tuesday, 15 February 2011

Pandy Modeling

Well the modeling stage is here and this is what i have done so far. Dans unit has really helped me to be able to character model, i had done any tests to see which would be the best method to model. With many trials and errors, i found the perfect way which suited me most. As i had learnt this at an eariler stage, this has helped me to be able to model faster and to a higher standard.
Here i have set up my image planes of the side and front so that i have reference for what i shall be making. The templetes shall help me model to the size and scale i need.

Here i have set my a image plane, that i have placed over the body, from here i will need to shape the outline of his body. I have also changed sub divisional lines as you normally have ten horizontal and vertical.

Now that the outline has been done, i then had to start curving the sub divisional lines so that they are more circular so that they will to form the body more.

Here is how the body is starting to take shape since i have been moving the vertex's.

Now with the outline of the body roughly done i then had to start pulling vertex's back to create the side, from which then can be remodeled. Using the side template was a great help for this as i was a little unsure on how far back to place the vertex's.

I have now deleted one half of the body, which seems crazy, but i learned that you can mirror shapes. So here, you can see four different windows, each with different angles to help me shape the body. The bottom right image needs a lot of work to be done. All i have to do now is move all the vertex's lines to the outline of the body as my image plane.

Here is how half of the body now looks after moving a lot of the vertex points, you can now see how much shape it has taken and looks pretty much like the template.

With the great mirror geometry tool i have mirrored the other half of the body. This tool is going to be a great help because it cuts down most of the work by half. But even then, there is still a lot of work to be done which takes many hours to complete.

Now with the front half of the body done, i now need to reshape some of the work i have previously done, as it now looks far to straight at the back.

Here you can roughly see the body done, it still needs to be tidied up, but i now have a space for the head to be placed on as well as the back partly completed.

Now onto the next body part, i do the same steps as i did with the body, this is pretty much a repeated method for each body face i make from now on.

The foot was fairly easy to make as it only needs to be basic. As i was making the foot, i thought it had to be all perfect and symmetrical, but once this was not happening in Maya, i actually realized that teddy bears are not normally made up perfectly, so this actually came about to be a happy mistake. There still needs to be a little more reshaping round the front, but altogether it is not to bad.
Here is the stage i have currently got up now, and had done this fair quicker than what i has expected. I can now mirror the leg, which nearly makes them complete so that i can start working on the arms. The head shall take the most time and i have a few things to work out in order to model his face correctly.

If you look at the image above, you can tell that is image the model looks much smoother, this is because i have used a tool called smooth, which adds its own sub divisional lines to make the model become smoother and more complete.

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