Saturday, 26 February 2011

As A Team!

I thought it was about time that i wrote about how we all are getting on as a team as i have not really done that as of yet.
I feel fairly confident as a group, we all get along well and communicate everyday with out fail, a lot of this is through our Facebook group which has really helped us to see how each person is getting along. As we are the second smallest group in our class i think we have a lot more on our hands. Each person has a lot more tasks to complete then any other group which is putting some pressure onto us. Karl and I are a little limited in what we know and what we need to learn to complete the animation. Ryan knows quite a few different things which is a great help, but i need to make sure that all the tasks are fairly handed out.
Karl and I only really know how to animate and model where as Ryan knows how to do them as well as UV mapping and Texturing. So he is a little more ahead of the game if you like. We still need to cover Rigging, lighting, Rendering, Sound and Composting. Karl was originally going to try and take on Rigging for Dan's unit but has decided not to do it now, as he is not confident on trying to do this for such a big project. He has spoken to Laura who is in our class and is interested in Rigging for us, which is great. I do not know much about her rigging skills so i may need to see what she has done previously to see if she is able to take on our characters. The good thing about our characters though is that we only really need the facial rigging to be done well as that is what we are mainly focusing on. So blend shapes will be very important to us.

Now that the characters are complete, i was next set up for animating, but that is a rather big gap, so i need to look into other tasks. I know there is more modeling to be done, for example Summers toys as there are none at the moment, and the exterior scene is looking a little plan so i may need to model some of the garden to bring it to life.

Karl is still sticking to modeling props, i have been really impressed with the props he has modeled so far and i am happy with how he is working. The only thing i would say is that i wish he was a little more willing to try and learn new things. I know it is hard as i am normally the same, but i have made sure to push myself this year to do the best i can. Karl is more about getting his head down and working alone until he is finished, which is fine but i think it may help if joined in a little more.

Ryan is currently modeling too, he is modeling the tree and tree house which is coming along nicely so he knows what he has to do for now. Ryan and i have been working a little more closely than Karl and I as Ryan has been asking me a lot more questions on how should things be done, is this okay, should i try out this instead. So i am glad that Ryan is trying out different things as he is modeling and giving me examples and asking me what i think may work best for the animation.

I am pleased to say that there has been no problems with us three and although we have a lot less people then others i am hoping that we shall be able to get everything completed to a high standard.

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