Tuesday, 22 February 2011

Group meeting with Mike Smith

Not long ago we all wanted to talk to Mike about our work to see what he thought towards it and see if there could be any changes to be made to improve our work. He seemed pretty pleased with how things were going and happy that out storyline had changed and is now understandable. He said something to us which we had never really thought about before. Mike asked us why we do not have a house in the exterior shot. At first we said that from the way we was going to have the camera angles you wouldn't see much, but Mike made a good point when we said that the tree house would look like it is in the middle of no where. Mike told us about a programme called Google Sketchup which is a 3D modelling programme but you would not have to do much work for it to be modelled. I researched into the programme but had no idea on how to use it so i said to my other team members that i would model the back of the house using Maya as i was on the modeling stage. Once some of the toy models have been completed then i shall model the house.

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