Thursday, 24 February 2011

Continuation of Pandy

Since the body and leg had been modeled, most of the modeling now becomes easier apart from when it comes to modeling the head which should be interesting. With one leg modeled all i had to do was mirror it. This ensures that both legs will be accurate and this also saves a lot of time.

Now to start with the arm, as for the body and leg i start off with a plan, which i still think is he best method to modeling, i feel i have much more control with what i am doing.

I have jumped a few steps as this is the same process as the other parts. Now you can see the rough form of the arm. I have put it down to his side to see weather it is long enough as a 2D picture can not always be 100%.

Once i was happy with the length i put his arm straight out so that i could start to form his hand a little better. At first i was a little unsure on how to model his hand due to him being a teddy bear and they don't have fingers. This did not take long to resolve as i started to look into teddy bears more in depth, some had no form of a hand what so ever which is not how i wanted Pandy to be as I had to think about how he was going to hold the touch in the animation.

Here is a closer look into how his hand is looking, it is slowly taking form but still needs some work to it. At the tip of the hand you should notice how thin it has got. This was a mistake at first as i did not intend for this hand to be like this. but started to think to myself that this was actually better as this could be shown as where the material of Pandys hand is joined together.

Now Pandy is really taking to shape with just the head to be modeled and then some adjustments to his arms and legs.

Once again, a plane has been used and i moved all the vertex's to roughly get the outline of his head. This looks very strange at this point compared to the rest of his body.

With the same steps as before his head is now complete, but still need to add the features to him. I forgot to add a side profile picture, but i had to make sure that his face was not flat as there is a curve to his face for his nose and mouth. This was fairly straight forward of just pulling the vertex's from the bottom half of his face outwards and reshaping it.

Here i have now created a little nose for him. I was unsure on how to proceed with this as i was unsure if i should make it separate and then place it on, or f i needed to try and model it on his face. I worked out that i needed to play around with the vertex's to get the outline of his nose and then from there all i needed to do is extrude it. Extruding is such a handly tool and never knew of it until modeling the characters.

The same method went for the patches around the eyes. This image was mainly a test to see how it worked and i was really pleased with the results, as i did not just want to place a patch through texturing. This helps to make the character to be more realistic.

Well since the beginning i was looking forward to making Pandy as i knew he would be easier to model than Summer was. I think he has turned out very well and looks a lot like the concept pictures which is a great achievement for me, as Summer had to be changed as i was modeling her and was a little concerned that this was going to happen for Pandy. He still has some work to be done but the hard part has pasted. I need to create a mouth for him which may be a little difficult as our concept image does not show a good indication of that. From here his arms, legs and head all need to attached to the body. Now that i have modeled in this way i have started to wonder if it would have been easier for me to have extruded from the body and then shaped them to form an arm and leg which could have then been mirrored. This would have meant that the arms and legs are already attached together. As this was only the second time i have modeled a character i am still learning, but i am glad to notice that i am spotting out the different ways in which i could have modeled and now know to try in that way in the future to see how that goes. Trail and error is a big part to modeling. There are so many different ways to model, and there is no wrong way to model, but i think there are ways to make them easier for yourself and i just need to experiment more.

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