Thursday, 27 January 2011


As we all know sound is very important to any animation, bringing the animation come to life that bit more or add emotion through music. As myself nor any of my team members know much about sound, i have sent out an email to all sound students to all the years, saying who i am, what kind of help i need and what the animation is about to see if anyone may be interested. With in a very short amount of time i have one reply of a student called Kieron Johnson who is a first year here at Ravensbourne. I loved that he seemed interested straight away and was eager to start creating some sound effects for us. The only thing i am thinking to myself is that he is a first, so i wonder if he will be able to get to the standard that we require. This however is already a great start and is taking him on board to see how is goes. I shall be open to other students if they get back to us, the more we have the more we can give them a trial to see what each person comes up with. I have already sent him our animatic which he can start playing around with the sound. He said that this should be an interesting challenge as he has never worked in this way before. I aim to meet Kieron as soon as possible to that we can have a meeting face to face so that i can answer any questions that he may need to know. For now he has been added to our Facebook animation group so that he can get a look into what we have so far and so that he can get to know our animation.

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