Monday, 10 January 2011


Here is our first animatic draft, the ending to most became confusing to others as she wakes up from a dream, and then there are signs to show that her dream was going to become real. Our teacher did not really like that and thought it was very cliche, which i do agree with as i did think that myself, but we left very limited for time to try and wrap it up.

Note: The sound we have used for this is not ours, we have just used the sound effects from to give the animation some depth but i am currently looking for sound production students from my uni to see if anyone would be interested in creating the sound for our animation.

This animatic is now going to be the story we go with but even then we may still find little things that need adapting. Our teacher was much happier with this outcome and thinks this shall go much smoother for the audience than the first one. Now i have had time to compare the two, i think our teacher is right, it keeps to a better time line and shall be easier for the audience to read and understand.

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