Monday, 22 November 2010


Since we now have the group in place and characters decided, we know need to set on a storyline. I have told the other members to make a list of several different stories which would work for a short animation. Once we all have a number of different stories, we will need to make a group decision on what story we think will work best, but also try to be a little original to other animations out. This is quite a mission as i feel that everything that could possible be done has already been created, so how do you think something original?

My short stories are as follows:

  • Summer is tiding her drawings from her little desk, when she finds a spider underneath and starts to panic.
  • Summer is drawing when her crayon breaks and it rolls through the tree house, underneath her desk of draws and she uses her toys to try and get it back.
  • Summer has a flower pot and she starts to sneeze, so she starts to throw out the flowers from there pots, until get goes to throw out Pandy who was hiding in a pot.
  • Summer is playing with her magic wand when she does a trick to make Pandy disappear.
  • Summer and Pandy are in there own little band, summer xylophone, Pandy drums. Pandy starts to go crazy on the drums and his hand goes through, he lifts up his arm and is left confused.
  • Summer and Pandy have cups with a string, but Pandy is not playing properly. Summer raises her voice, Pandy gets confused on where the sound is coming from. He finally picks up the cup when Summer shouts and he goes flying.
  • Summer and Pandy are playing hide and seek but Pandy is cheating and keeps moving around.
All of the stories above are not the best, i must admite that i am not a story person. As the animation can only be just over a minute i am finding it difficult to try and come up with interesting stories. But with my other team members, i am confident that we shall find a story that can work, and possibly make some changes to make it a little more appealing to the audience.

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