Tuesday, 16 November 2010

Changes to be made!

Well i now have my group in place, i am going to be the team leader as we are still using the same idea as what i originally had but have been changing it to make it better.

The main thing which has been changed about the characters is Pandy. He was originally going to be a real panda who is always by Summers side, but we thought it was best if Pandy became a teddy bear. We thought about a few different options, for example we were thinking of having Pandy some what like Toy Story where when his owner is not around, he would come to life and you could see into Pandys character, but as that is too much like toy story it there fore is not really our own idea. We thought that Pandy could come to life at night time where Summer is not likely to be asleep, but again we did not really see the point in this either. So we have decided that Pandy is just a normal teddy bear, which Summer plays with and creates his own little personality.

The colour has been thought about a lot, and most of it shall stay the same, but we have no decided to change Summer's hair colour. This is mainly because our animation is now going to be at night, and if her hair is to remain dark, then you would not be able to notice her hair as it would blend in with the background. So she is now going to have Blonde hair, but i am thinking of playing around with a light orange, just to see how it would look on her.

We have now got a type of style in place. Its not final yet, but i very much liked the style of a video game called 'Fairy Tale fights' which is about childrens stories changed into gruesome ones to make more interesting for adults. This style is something which i have not seen before and could see this working for our short.

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