Friday, 10 June 2011

Meeting with Dan about character animation

I spoke to Dan today regarding the issue with the character rigs. At first Dan did not think that the characters would have wrong with them and that we should be able to get past it, but once i showed Dan a short clip of Summers mouth movements and some basic poses he soon came to realise why i had not done any animation. Dan agreed with me that it would have been unfair to try and animate with the characters as they would show poor animation which would reflect badly on me. Dan asked if we tried to find someone to help but sadly was unsuccessful in doing so, like i had said in an eariler post, Clym did help us slightly but was unable to complete the job for us.

After a while Dan came up with an idea of downloading a character which already has a rig which looks similar to Summer, so that meant trying to find a young girl. Dan had to go and ask Mike if that would be okay as he is the head leader of the course. Dan said that this would be a good chance for me to try and get some animation done even if they are only short clips. Dan also said that no one would know the difference between the two characters and the audience who would watch the animation would not know if i had modelled the character or not.

The only thing about this now is that i only have a week to try and animate whatever i can which is going to be tough as i currently trying to sort out my three folders and i know they will take a few days to do. I feel like i am rushed off my feet, i have tried so many new things and done so much that the character animation has got pushed aside a bit. I shall see what i can do in this last week and hope that i can get some character animation done.

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